Innisfree Haul!

Heya People!

I had been off blogging for a long while due to work commitments but now I am back with my new post.


Innisfree, a Korean skin care brand has opened its first store in Mumbai. Innisfree is very well known for using natural products which are sourced from the volcanic island of Jeju. The products are now available in Mumbai at Phenix Market City, Kurla. I had used few Korean skin products before but i had never tried any from Innisfree. So I was really excited to try it out and review it. Korean skin care products are really sworn by women from all over the world. Here is a little review on the products that I bought –




They had this really cool  offer for Face Masks which was buy 5 and get 5 free. I chose 10 different face masks which contained Lime, Bamboo, Bija, Strawberry, Aloe, Cucumber, Rose, Green Tea, Blackberry and Pomegranate. Earlier face masks meant smearing your face with green or muddy paste but now it has really evolved and the women all over the globe are taking it quite seriously. Face Masks are widely used in Korea and it is a staple over there. I tried my new green tea face mask and here is a little review about it.


The face mask is so easy to use. It is non Messy and leaves the skin refreshing and hydrating almost instantly. The mask is infused with natural extracts from flowers and also from green tea. It is so easy to use. I just had to open the pack and follow the directions mentioned on it. I left it for good 15 Minutes and then peeled it off. It felt much smoother, tighter and more radiant. Besides this it also decreases the stress hormones. My skin feels so fresh. It is also ideal for almost all the skin types and it is quite easy on the pocket too.

Price – INR 100/-


The Jeju Volcanic Nose pack is really helpful to remove those ugly blackheads. The Jeju volcanic Clay is made up of the minerals released from the volcanic explosions in Jeju. This nose pack comes in a strip which you ca apply on your nose, chin or forehead. Just follow the directions mentioned on the pack. Leave it for 15 minutes and let it dry. Once it is dried just peel it off. You will see the blackheads on the strip after you remove it. This box contains 3 Nose pack Sheets. I do not have much of blackheads hence I do not need this very often. But it is an ideal product for ladies who are more prone to blackheads.



Price – INR 250/- for a Pack (Contains 6 Strips)

I got 2 Sample Sized products each of Orchid Enriched Cream and Super Volcanic pore clay mask. I was really skeptical on buying the whole container of the Volcanic Clay mask and I was really happy when I got the sample to try it out first.



I really have large pores around my nose with a dry skin. I knew this product is going to be my savior. You can notice the change in your skin almost instantly. This product helps you to tighten the pores, remove sebum, exfoliates dead skin cells, offers deep cleansing, enhances skin tone and provides cooling effects. I just scrubbed it all over my face for almost 10 minutes and then washed it off.

I am now sure on buying the bigger container since this is the best product from Innisfree that I have used so far and now I know why this product is also the winner of 39 global beauty awards.


What more? On purchase of certain amounts they also offer some Eco friendly gifts. Well I got a Innisfree Hankie.

Products Rating – 5/5

Applications – 5/5

Store – 5/5

Price Factor – 5/5








L’Oreal Gel Intenza Super Liner Review

I love experimenting with new shades of Eyeliners and I recently came across this lovely royal blue gel liner by L’Oreal Paris.


The name of the shade is 04 Royal Blue. I love the color and the best part is the application. It is so smooth and easy to apply. You can now get that perfect winged shape at such ease. It doesn’t smudge like other liners and stays on for as long as 36Hrs. But it does need an additional coat after almost 6 hours since it tends to fade away a bit. The other best part is that it is waterproof and the color is definitely something to die for.

Here is the swatch for the Royal Blue shade.

004 (3)


It is surely hard on the pocket but considering the quality of the product I would say it is a must have.

Price – Rs 875/- for 2.8 Gms

June My Envy Box Review!


007 (2)

I had been thinking about ordering a My Envy Box subscription since quite some time and here it was at my door step just a few days after ordering it. I was not expecting it atleast for a week. For those of you who aren’t much aware about the My Envy box, well it is a beauty subscription box which includes 5 sample sized luxury beauty products at a very affordable price.

The June subscription box was my first subscription I was really moved with the neatness and the packaging.

Here’s a little look at what surprises the June Box had for me,

008 (2)

1) HEDONISTA FACE SOUFFLE (Price – Rs 1650/- for 115 Gms)

011 (2)

Product Size – Full

This is my favourite product in this month’s box. This chocolate flavoured face mask just impressed me in the first go itself. The aroma is so amazing. It acts as a great cleanser for the face and leaves your face fresh and clear of dust and impurities. It is also quite easy to use. Just apply a thin layer of the souffle all over your face and let it dry. Once it dries up, just wash it up. I just loved this product.


Product Size – Full

I have received a grey colored smokey eye pencil in my June Envy Box. It is so smooth and easy in application. Just apply a thin stroke of the pencil over your eyelid and smudge it with the brush which is on the other end of the pencil. Never thought I could manage to get a perfect smokey eye with such ease.

3) KERATASE ELIXIR ULTIMATE OIL (Price – Rs 2450/- for 125 ml)

Product Size – Sample

I hadn’t used this product before and hence this was a completely new product for me. I really loved it. It isn’t very oily and sticky like the regular oils. It comes as a blessing for people with dry and frizzy hair.

4) ESTEE LAUDER PLEASURES (Price Rs 7000/- for 100ml and Rs 5000/- for 50 ml)

Product Size – Sample

Pleasures is a flowery & sensual fragrant which is a perfect perfume for women to suit every occasion. It is a delightful floral fragrance created from delicate lilies and peonies, elegant jasmines and exotic karo-karounde blossoms. I am sure I am gonna buy this one real soon.


Product Size – Full

This is one lovely exfoliating clay that I have come across recently. This full size product is a perfect exfoliating clay mask which exfoliates excess dead skin cells, removes impurities around pores and instantly gives you a clear & glowing dirt free skin. It also contains Vitamin C and SPA ingredients which is an added benefit.

The subscription details are as below –

1 Month – Rs 850/-

3 Months – Rs 2550/-

6 Months – 5100/-

12 Months – 10200/-

I am in love with my june envy box and although I couldn’t order the July subscription I am definitely not going to miss ordering the August subscription.

Pen Friendship!

How do you know them?

Who sent you this?

How do you get so many gifts?

I am frequently bombarded by these questions by most of my friends and cousins when they happen to see my pictures on the social networking websites. So today I decided to clarify their doubts and give them some knowledge about How? Why? What? 🙂

Few years ago, one day when my Mom was cleaning out her closet, I happened to come across a big bunch of postcards, greeting cards, some photographs and letters. With curious gestures I enquired why was she having so many postcards and greeting cards. I wondered why would any of her friends give her so many cards and that’s when she told me all about having pen friends. Until then I was unaware such a thing even existed.

It has been more than 5 years now that I have some very good pen friends from different countries and I know them so well that they mean more than the friends that I have here. But it is so strange that even now many of us do not know what pen friends are.


To explain this Wikipedia describes it as ” A relationship often used to practice reading and writing in a foreign language, to improve literacy, to learn more about the countries & lifestyles and to make friendship.”

So basically pen friends are just people from different countries who might or might not be of same age group, would have similar interests and hobbies and they seek friends from other part of the world.You can select the age, gender, countries etc while making friends. You can also choose to make friends on the preferences whether they like writing emails or letters. This is the easiest and the best way of knowing other countries, religions, festivals, people,etc. Some might be your friends throughout while some might stop writing all of sudden. Some might turn up to be best friends while some might even start loving you. You never know you might also end up getting married to one of them. So if you love making friends you will love making pen friends too.


Here are some FAQ’s you need to know when making Pen friends –

* How do I make pen friends?

Well, there are numerous web sites available to make pen friends and you can choose to make Pen friends from any of those. But just remember you need to have a lot of patience since making pen friends isn’t that quick.

* What do I write?

You can write almost anything. Your day to day life, your interests, your hobbies, your likes, dislikes anything. It will be the same how you would talk to any of your friends but the only difference would be instead of talking you have to write it down.

* How would I know if we they would write regularly or not?

Most of the people prefer big e mails or letters since they like to know about your life just like any of your friends. They like to know about how people stay in your country, your festivals, your customs, etc. But some of them just like to write small e mails. You have to be patient and invest your time in writing big letters in order to make good and lasting friendship. Small E mails are no fun trust me! Once you start writing you would know that.

* Will they send me gifts and postcards frequently? 

Some people love to send postcards whenever they are visiting a new place. Even I do the same and as do my pen pals. It is a symbol of remembrance. To receive a postcard you should also send some post cards in return since even they like to see the places of our countries. In order to receive gifts and greeting cards make sure you send some to them too on their birthdays, friendship days, festivals, etc. Remember it is always a give and take relationship.

* How can I meet them?

It is really not necessary that you can meet your pen friends. Some can travel and hence visit your country someday or may be someday you can visit them too. It all depends on their interests and their financial background.

These are some of the basic questions that I am always asked. Just remember pen friends are like any of the friends that you might be having. They need your time, they need to know about you, your country, your interest, etc. Hence this requires a lot of emailing or sending letters. If you do not write frequently there are possibilities that they would lose interest and stop writing. Another thing to keep in mind is you have to be patient since some of them do not reply for days or weeks. If you feel you haven’t heard for them for long just put a gentle reminder. That should help.

If you have any more questions regarding this please feel free to comment below. 🙂

March Fab Bag Review


I have been reading a lot about the Fab Bag on social networking web sites and on Instagram. Hence I decided to try it out too.

It is a collection of 5 amazing high end beauty products every month in a super cute bag. I took the 1 month subscription which was for Rs 599. I was really excited to try out the products since this was my 1st fab bag.

The Subscription is available as below for the Women’s Fab Bag-

Rs 599 for 1 month
Rs 1499 for 3 months
Rs 2699 for 6 months
Rs 4799 for 12 months
Free Shipping!

The products that I received in my March Fab Bag are –

1) Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajal in Pure Black – Rs 350/-

2) Palladio Herbal Lipstick in Flame – Rs 650/-

3) Inveda BB Cream (Fair) – Rs 140/- for 15 ml

4) Sebastian Trilliance Conditioner – Rs 1800/- for 250 ml

5) Fashionography Earrings – Rs 249/-


Here’s a little review on each one of it –


028 029

This is the first ayurvedic kajal that I have come across. I haven’t used any before. It is made using ayurvedic recipe and it also claims to be made of handmade carbon black which is extracted from vegetable oil lamps, along with organic ghee, natural colors and almond oil. The contents of this product makes it so safe to use. Unlike other eye pencils and kajals, this one is really smudge free and gives a clean finish in just one stroke. This one can give a perfect winged look.

It is also available in variety of colors like Fern green, Moss velvet, Grey glow, True Blue, Mood Indigo, Rich Loam, Purple Haze, Cooper Tint and Carat.


035 026

I got this lipstick in Flame color. The first thing that you will notice about this lipstick is the vanilla-chocolatey aroma. It is quite creamy in texture and does not leave the lips dry. I dont really like dull colors hence I didn’t like this shade but for people with fair and medium skin tones this is a shade to look for. The lipstick has a shimmery golden tint which would look really good on festive occasions. I guess if I had received a brighter shade I would have loved it.



This one is an 8 in 1 BB cream with Magnolia, Almond and SPF 20. I have received the BB Cream in shade Fair which I assume is for the fairer skin tones. I tried applying a little on my wrist. It is quite smooth in application and gives a even tone to the skin. It is not heavy like the other BB creams & gives a natural and glowing look to the face. The SPF 20 is an added benefit since there is no need to use a sun screen lotion separately. It also has a really good aroma. I dont use BB creams much but I loved this one so much.



I loved this conditioner from Sebastian Trilliance. It gives a natural shine to the hair and leaves it lustrous throughout the day. For best results it is important to squeeze out excess water from your hair and then apply it. After using it for 2-3 washes it has made my hair more smoother and the texture of the hair has improved too. I suggest to use this atleast once a week.



This earrings from fashionography were the surprise elements of this fab bag. I love the cute little fashionable studs.


Besides all these they also have a little booklet and a 15% off voucher on purchase of the next fab bag.




Apart from the products I loved the purple pouch with the quote from Coco Chanel – “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

The pouch is quite convenient to carry our beauty products while travelling. I was surprised with the quality of the pouch too. I hadn’t expected it to be so good. I am really happy with my March Fab Bag and now looking forward to the April Fab Bag. Wouldn’t you want to try it out too???




Nail Colors to look for this Summer!

With season the trends changes too. Where winter is about wearing dark hues, summer is all about being bright and colorful.

Here are some shades of Nail Colors I am loving this summer!

004 (2)


I am in love with these 5 shades from Maybelline.

Porcelain Party 102 (White)

White is the new black! Yes! You heard it right. It is not only simple but classy too. The red’s are being ditched for the white by many of the celebs too. The only set back that the white color has is, it is thick, chalky and streaky. Hence it is better to apply two coats for better applications.

Blueberry Ice 403 (Blue) – 



This one is an Icy Blue Color by Maybelline which is very perfect for Summer. You can apply it with contrasting colored garments. It works well for people with fair to dark skin tones. This shade gives quite a modern feel and the best way to bring out the shade is to apply two coats of it.

Coral Craze 211 (Coral)

This is a regular coral color which gives a flowery feel. This color is very rare in the other brands. This is not the regular bright red coral shade that you get in the market. This is more subtle without any red hues. I personally love this color and it goes well for winters too since it is neither very dark nor very bright.

Tangerine Treat 406 (Orange) 

This one is for people who love bright colors yet are afraid to apply it. This is a bright orange in a way but it is not striking like the rest of the colors. This is the color which teenagers as well as the middle aged group will love. This color is quite playful and will be loved by the ladies as well. A perfect shade for Summer.

Constant Candy 401 (Lightest baby Pink) 

This is a white color with the pinkish tint. In other words this is the lightest baby pink color. For those who do not love white colors this one is for you. Pastels are being loved by almost every one this summer. From models to the college students, every one is sporting these shades.

Price – Rs 75/-


Other than these 5 shades from Maybelline, I am also loving the new Revlon Scented Nail color.



This one is the first one of it’s kind. I haven’t seen a scented nail color before. The shade that I have is Lime Basil which has the aroma of lime and a hint of basil. The fragrance stays for good 2 days. You can only get the fragrance once the nail polish dries up after application. People who do not like very bright colors but love to sport something other than the regular shades will love this range . It is quite smooth in application and gives a glossy effect after drying.

They also have other shades in this range which are –

Autumn spice which is a brownish copper color with the aroma of cinnamon and caramel.

Winter mint which is a light sea green color with blue glitter.

Power Puff is a regular baby pink color.

China Flower is a lovely warm red color with fresh flowery fragrance.

Ginger Melon is a watermelon pink color which has the aroma of melons and a hint of ginger.

Price – Rs 350/-

It is little pricey but worth trying it since this is the only range of scented nail colors available in the market.

If there are any of your favourite summer nail colors then i would love to know it. Share it in the comments below 🙂





My Love for Victoria’s Secret

Ever since my friend had gifted me my 1st body mist from Victoria’s Secret years ago it has been among the list of my favourite body mist and perfumes. The first body mist that I had used was Amber Romance which is a mix of Amber and Creme Anglaise & smells some what similar to Vanilla. I remember back then I would try hard to save each drop of it and would only wear it occasionally since i loved it so much. E Commerce shopping was not so viral few years back. So every time when any of my friends or relatives would come from abroad, I would ask them to get a bottle of the Victoria’s Secret body mist for me. But now with it’s online availability it is so easy to buy. Recently I managed to get 2 new Body Mists to add in my collection which are Total Attraction and Pure Seduction Untamed. Total Attraction contains Cherry Orchid and Lily Blossom. The mist is quite subtle and smells more like Cherry.  Pure Seduction & Pure Seduction Untamed are quite different and yet similar. Pure seduction contains Red Plum and Freesia. It is quite strong and fruity smell whereas Pure seduction untamed is the subtle version which is quite flowery and soft. edit 2 I love the fact that the fragrance stays for good whole day. If you are not a big fan of body mists or perfumes you can also try out their body lotions or body washes available in the same flavours. It is quite pocket friendly and a must have in your collection. 082 Victoria’s Secret products are available in India online at Flipkart and Jabong.